Two Friends drop mind boggling remix of 3LAU & Audien’s “Hot Water”Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 9.59.47 PM

Two Friends drop mind boggling remix of 3LAU & Audien’s “Hot Water”

Formally released in June, “3LAUdien’s” collaboration, “Hot Water” materialized as a track starkly different in nature from both 3LAU and Audien’s respective aesthetics of sound. Operating around 170 BPM, “Hot Water” was an innovative exploration of sound, the venture marked by tight percussive elements, and of course, featured artist Victoria Zaro’s, gliding vocals. A single in which many would choose to submerge themselves even after their fingertips turned to prunes, “Hot Water” proved to be a hot take on the unfamiliar for 3LAU and Audien.

Despite the potential difficulty of remixing the track—with the original’s complexities and ingenuity—Two Friends have produced a flip that is equally as unique as the original itself. Two Friends elicited both surprise and satisfaction with the addition of a “surprise” drop, an unexpected investment in a throbbing bass line, complemented by a dual interest in rich, rhythmic pacing.

In a move that matches 3LAU and Audien’s creativity in the original version, Two Friends swap “Hot Water”’s original drop for a layered instrumental descent, evocative of a traditional tropical house style sound. Although a major alteration, Two Friends successfully execute their re-imagination, crafting a remix that is as awe inspiring in its construction as the original.

“Audien and 3LAU have both been two dudes who have inspired us for several years… Obviously starting with their amazing music but also with their overall brands, and we’ve now had the pleasure of becoming friends with both of them,” said Two Friends of the remix. 

“We were stoked when we were asked to put our spin on Hot Water, which we were fans of since the day it came out. We fused together some future-bass, house, & pop vibes and there’s even some hidden trumpet in there. Can’t wait for all the upcoming stuff we have as well. It’s gonna be a fun couple of months!”

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