Watch Billie Eilish’s fiery new music video for ‘watch’Billie Eilish

Watch Billie Eilish’s fiery new music video for ‘watch’

15-year-old Billie Eilish has been busy making waves in the pantheon of pop. Over the course of the last year,  the young “pop prodigy,” as hailed by Billboard, has created her own distinguished niche with her sound. Artists including Tove Lo, Charli XCX, and Lorde have lauded the young star via social media with numerous endorsements. Now, naturally fans are wondering what’s next for an artist who’s already dabbled in spaces so far apart, emanating an artist both dainty and edgy all at once.

For now, it comes by way of Eilish’s stunning new music video entitled “watch.”

Eilish’s newest, “watch,” off her debut don’t smile at me EP released last month via Interscope, is a tune written by her brother Finneas O’Connell. In its video installment, Eilish delivers perhaps her most stunning performance to date, though the track alone is a fiery number in its own right. The emotionally intune Eilish deals with setting fire to a toxic relationship.  “I’ll sit and watch your car burn / With the fire that you started in me,” Eilish sings in the track’s infectious hook. Eilish sits atop a ladder in the video, wrestling with versions of herself, ruminating on how bad relationships affect one’s self too.

“Like, in a relationship, you’re not just in a relationship with that person—you’re in a relationship with that person being in a relationship with you. And you have to have a relationship with yourself to understand how they’re perceiving you… you have to be aware of what you do and what you say. And if you’re self-aware enough—like, this person is treating me really badly, and I feel like nothing, and I feel like waste and not worth anything, then it’s time to leave that relationship!”

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