This website shows your most streamed artists and songs on Spotify

This website shows your most streamed artists and songs on Spotify

There’s a hierarchy to the way that that fans stream music on Spotify. While users of the streaming service will attest that the platform enables them to listen to a variety of artists ranging from old favorites to new discoveries, there are some artists and songs that earn the distinction of being a user’s “most streamed.”

A new website takes a statistical look at Spotify users’ streaming content, organizing their most popular artists and songs over a 4-week, 6-month, and year-long period. Spotify users can simply enter their account information to receive lists of their top artists and songs over various time spans. The website offers a uniquely focused view of one’s Spotify activity, pointing to a listener’s larger musical preferences.

The lists vary from Spotify’s proprietary software by giving specific and quantifiable information—although presented in a decidedly less exciting manner.


Sample lists from the generator. 

Users simply need to click here and verify their credentials to generate their own dirty musical secrets.

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