Wolfgang Gartner brings the heat on ‘Dubplate 99,’ an electro house powerhouse2f1467e82c37d8c537935099109ff51e6423634e

Wolfgang Gartner brings the heat on ‘Dubplate 99,’ an electro house powerhouse

Wolfgang Gartner has officially taken Caribbean influences in electronic music to unforeseen heights. His latest release, “Dubplate 99” is perhaps the heaviest, most eccentric dub-filled poolside tune house music has seen this year. The track’s an aggressive, yet pleasing fusion of the genre’s sonic spectrum, drawing on island-style Caribbean, garage house, classical, and even electro.

It’s a true sonic experience, pulled from a myriad of the artist’s interests, in turn, creating a cohesive collage of an artist whose music has spanned a number of sonic spaces. After Wolfgang’s refreshing bass house single, “Find A Way,” already delved into previously uncharted bass house territory for the artist earlier this summer, his latest sonic space exploration serves as another testament to the artist’s willingness to experiment in a rapidly changing industry.

“Dubplate 99′ is a nod to some of my favorite eras in house music, specifically late-’90s speed garage and late-’00s electro house,” Gartner said of the track in an emailed statement to Billboard. “I’ve wanted to do a half time dub breakdown in a track, as this was a popular trend in what I was listening to about 20 years ago. I brought it all together with modern sound design for the bassline, and no shortage of car alarms, bleeps and blips, in line with my traditional sound and trends from the speed garage movement I grew up on. For good measure, I threw in a few elements that fans of my older stuff like ‘5th Symphony’ and ‘Undertaker’ should appreciate, making this my personal favorite song I’ve produced all year.”

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