Yellow Claw drops bass blaring new single, ‘DO YOU LIKE BASS?’Yellow Claw Los Amsterdam Dancingastronaut

Yellow Claw drops bass blaring new single, ‘DO YOU LIKE BASS?’

The title of Yellow Claw’s latest single seems to be somewhat of a rhetorical question. “DO YOU LIKE BASS?” is a stomping number that has been a constant staple of the Amsterdam based DJ duo’s recent sets, woven into Yellow Claw’s EDC Las Vegas set and more recently functioning as the centerpiece of their Electric Zoo set.

“DO YOU LIKE BASS” is an extension of the bass heavy vibrations of Yellow Claw’s second full-length album, Los Amsterdam. The capitalized title indicative of the intensity brought by the track, as it relies on gritty bass lines at its drop, touches of sirens, and a voiceover style that those acquainted with Yellow Claw’s two most recent mixtapes, ten and eleven, will recognize as being inherent to the duo’s style. “DO YOU LIKE BASS” is a slamming installment in the Los Amsterdam producers’ perpetual conquest for harder hitting, booming bass beats.

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