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Pioneer unveils new DJS-1000 performance sampler

Live sampling and remixing are a joint venture coming soon to DJ booths everywhere as Pioneer prepares to launch its new DJS-1000 performance sampler.

The sampler will enable artists to sample audio derived from media players or turntables immediately via its send/return connection, which can additionally be used with a step sequencer and altered with effects. The DJS-1000 arrives with 16 velocity-sensitive pads for use in writing melodies and patterns, muting, and soloing individual sounds. The device is equipped with a 16-step sequencer, in addition to a touch strip that permits performers to control pitch and beat repeat. The addition of a seven-inch touch screen generates visual feedback concerning sequences and levels.

The DJS-1000 is distinct from traditional turntables and CDJs in its ability to be manually synced to tempo with a pitch fader. The device can also be connected to other electronics via MIDI DIN or USB. For those preferring to work on their computer before connecting to the DJS-1000, artists can load data on their computer, which may then be shared with the Toraiz SP-16 sampler. Samples may also be uploaded via USB, despite the DJS-1000’s arrival with 2,500 sounds from Loopmasters.

Although the specific release date of the DJS-1000 remains undefined, Pioneer has announced its intent to release the product in October for approximately $1,528.

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