AWAY (feat. London Thor) – Sleepwalker (DROELOE Remix)DROELOE Sleepwalker Remi

AWAY (feat. London Thor) – Sleepwalker (DROELOE Remix)

DROELOE have added an energized flair to AWAY‘s viral hit, “Sleepwalker.” While the original set a nice base with warm vocals and emotive melodies, the duo have increased the lows and added further rhythm to create a more club-ready take. London Thor’s verses fit well into this more eclectic canvas, maintaining the soft edge sought out in “Sleepwalker’s” initial production.

Remixing well-known cuts with finesse is a skill that DROELOE have demonstrated from early on. Their take on the pop single “We Don’t Talk Anymore” proved a wild success, as has their more recent interpretation of “Boys,” by Charli XCX.




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