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Björk describes six alleged incidents of sexual harassment following Lars Von Trier’s response

Danish film director Lars Von Trier has responded to the sexual harassment claims that were alleged by Björk in a Facebook post published on October 15.

“I am inspired by the women everywhere who are speaking up online to tell about my experience with a Danish director” Björk wrote. While the Icelandic singer/songwriter did not name Von Trier in the post, Björk’s account of the alleged sexual harassment indirectly identified Von Trier as the perpetrator, citing the harasser as a film director that she had previously worked with.

Björk has only appeared in one film, Dancer In The Dark, directed by Von Trier.

Von Trier has since answered Björk’s sexual harassment claims, stating, “That is not the case — although we didn’t get along, that’s a fact. On the other hand, she delivered one of the greatest-ever performances in my movies.”

The film’s producer, Peter Aalbaek backed Von Trier’s denial of the sexual harassment allegations, commenting “As far as I remember we were victims. That woman was stronger than both Lars von Trier and me and our company together.” Aalbaek’s remark accords with Björk’s assertion that she was “framed as the difficult one,” during the film’s shoot once she rejected Von Trier’s alleged advances.

Von Trier’s dismissal of Björk’s allegations has since elicited a response from Björk, who published an additional Facebook post detailing six different alleged incidents of sexual harassment said to have occurred while filming Dancer In The Dark. The post elaborates on Björk’s charge that she was portrayed as “the difficult one” by referencing “fabricated stories” that surfaced in the press. Björk points to the story that she supposedly ate a blouse as a form of protest while shooting.

“If being difficult is standing up to being treated like that, I’ll own it,” Björk concludes.

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