Bonobo unveils alternative video for the serene ‘Break Apart’Bonoboo

Bonobo unveils alternative video for the serene ‘Break Apart’

Bonobo released his sixth, distinctly expanse Migration full length earlier this year wherein the artist solidified his keen capabilities and perpetual tendency to push the envelope. Since then the electronica composer has only followed suit on the aforementioned, performing at festivals such as Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle, even releasing a three-track EP entitled Bambro Koyo Ganda along the way.

Of course, Bambo Koyo Ganda and Migration are respectively quite sonically distinct, but on their faces, both projects contain the same infectious elements that allotted the producer’s success in the first place. The artist maintains lush melodies, ones that are expansive in their employed instrumentation — such is why Bonobo’s tunes live on in the memories of his listeners for years to come. One such tune, “Break Apart,” featuring the eerily evocative, airy vocals of Rhye has recently been given an alternative video.

Opposed to a serene sonic landscape marriage with literal expansive landscapes in its first go ahead, the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Rhye have now been paired with couples occupying the same room at a motel over time.

The alternative video is a simple alternative to the original, nonetheless, it’s a beautiful homage to the importance of little moments in the vast thing we call life.

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