BUNT. – On My Way (feat. Leah Haywood)Bunt. On My Way

BUNT. – On My Way (feat. Leah Haywood)

German duo, BUNT., have been carving their niche in the wake of Avicii. The “folk house” trailblazers’ sound is a cheery, rustic combination of harmonicas, banjos, guitars, organs, strings, horns, and more attached to a dance backbone. Remixing the likes of One Republic and in the studio with Avicii to work on his album, BUNT. are receiving looks from the industry’s finest and their new original, “On My Way,” follows similar suit.

Opening with a throbbing bass guitar to introduce Leah Haywood’s jolting vocal, the German producer allow her to guide the track’s mood before ramping up the energy. Ultimately introducing a vibrant horn sectino, BUNT. meld folk and dance music together in a seamless way that will certainly keep them on our radar in the future.

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