Colombian island to host four day ‘sex-fest’SeFest

Colombian island to host four day ‘sex-fest’

A group with the not-at-all creepy name Good Girls Company is offering four days of hedonistic delights on an island off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. In a promotional video that has since been removed from YouTube, the company promises a bevy of attractive women and “unlimited sex included” at the elegant-in-its-simplicity, if not imaginatively, named “Sex Island.”

Colombian island to host four day ‘sex-fest’Sefest3

The trip is advertised to take place November 24–27, with a limit of 30 male attendees. Good Girls Company promises that 60 prostitutes will be available to the attendees, with at least two available to each individual attendee 24 hours a day. The company is also offering each guest a half hour with 16 women at once. Additionally, Sex Island is advertised as “drug friendly.”

Colombian island to host four day ‘sex-fest’Sefest2

The final two days will see the guests take to the seas on a yacht capable of carrying 100 people and will feature DJ performances and nautical naughtiness. Tickets to Sex Island will cost prospective attendees $5000 each, with alcohol and condoms included. Airfare is not.

The festival’s promotional video is now hosted on Vimeo (NSFW). Interested parties can learn more about what Sex Island offers here.

The festival seems to exist a legal gray area in respect to the laws of Colombia.

H/T: The Mirror

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