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Don’t swipe these: police issue advisory for pink ‘MasterCard’ pills

What’s more dangerous than a MasterCard with a high credit line? Extra strength MasterCard ecstasy tablets.

The potent pink pills have been circulating the UK, prompting police to issue a warning against use of the drug.

“I would urge anyone to refrain from taking these tablets — you don’t know what you’re taking and the risk you are putting on your health could be devastating,” Detective Inspector Roger Ashcroft of Preston CID remarked.

UK officials are currently attempting to locate the source of the MasterCard branded pills. A 20-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion that they have been supplying a controlled drug, but it is not clear as to whether police believe the suspects have been distributing these ecstasy pills in particular.

While three people became sick upon taking the ecstasy pills, the people that took the drug did not suffer from any serious ensuing health complications. Police notably issued a warning about pink MasterCard ecstasy pills last year once a teenager died after taking one of the tablets at a Manchester club.

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