Dubfire – Bottom DwellerKMS 30 Anniversary

Dubfire – Bottom Dweller

Kevin Saunderson, a veritable forefather of the techno genre, is celebrating three decades of his label KMS Records and his career in general. The Detroit native assembled his colleagues Dubfire, Marc Houle , and KiNK to lend their talents to the special edition celebration EP, creating a well-rounded list of pieces that define the genre they were made under.

Dubfire’s contribution shows off his brilliant skill at sound design, painting a menacing mental picture with cunning bursts of synth and pungent kicks. “Bottom Dweller” steps aside from the veteran’s usual minimal style, showcasing his equally top ability in forging atmospheric pieces made for open air settings. The piece has been rinsed with success thus far, and will likely continue to be throughout the fall season.



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