Exclusive: The Prototypes – Levelz ft Mad Hed CityIMG 6670

Exclusive: The Prototypes – Levelz ft Mad Hed City

Hailing from Brighton, The Prototypes have released a striking new single featuring Mad Hed City dubbed, “Levelz.” The fierce drum and bass track features a gritty bass line, high energy rhythmic progressions, and deep, eerie vocals. Known for their signature energetic dnb sound, The Prototypes have been making waves in the dance music scene by experimenting with an array of different, colorful techniques. In reference to working with Mad Hed City, The Protoypes are hyped:

We made a track back in 2015 with Mad Hed City called “Pop It Off” & we decided the time was right to go in the studio with him again…He’s such a hugely talented vocalist. 2018 is his year.

“Levelz” is not for the feint hearted, as intense layers of synths create an aura of ominous, foreboding energy. The video is equally ominous, with the group trying to recreate the aura of DnB clubs in the UK from the 90s,

With what seems like the whole world pushing for euphoric uplifting tunes & videos we just figured lets take it back. “Levelz” feels like a snapshot of where UK music is at the moment with it’s Grime, Ragga & tear out DnB sound so we wanted to just make the video about underground raves…the original style…with a nod to the 90’s chucked in

With their latest, “Levelz,” The Prototypes solidify their position as one of drum and bass’ most distinct, alluring acts. It should be no surprise, then, that the group has an upcoming residency at Fabric, with a remix EP to follow shortly.

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