Fyre Festival founder pleads not guilty to fraud chargesBilly Mcfarland Fyre Festival Getty Images

Fyre Festival founder pleads not guilty to fraud charges

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland has pleaded not guilty to charges of wire fraud and making false statements to a bank.

McFarland was arrested in June on two counts of wire fraud and two counts of making false statements to a bank after he reportedly defrauded investors in Fyre Media. McFarland allegedly presented fake documents to convince investors to contribute more than $3 million to his company and the Bahamian festival.

In addition to the criminal charges, a number of civil lawsuits have been filed against McFarland and the festival’s other co-founder, Ja Rule, who has not been criminally charged.

Attendees of the late April festival paid thousands of dollars for the luxury event and were promised the “unparalleled best in music, cuisine, design and hospitality on a private island in the Exumas.” When they arrived, however, they were met with the total chaos of a completely underprepared event.

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