Ganja White Night threw an airplane party after Lost Lands [WATCH]Ganja White Night Flight Lost Lands

Ganja White Night threw an airplane party after Lost Lands [WATCH]

After playing Lost Lands the weekend of Sept. 29-Oct. 1, Ganja White Night didn’t want the party to stop. After their post-festival flight to Minneapolis was delayed due to a storm and passengers were told to remain on the plane to wait it out, the Belgian duo kept spirits high by blasting music, much to the delight of fellow Lost Lands attendees aboard the flight.

According to Nicole Williams, a passenger on the grounded flight, the party was brief — but epic.

“We were on a flight from Columbus to Minneapolis and got rerouted to La Crosse, WI due to a thunderstorm. They wouldn’t let us leave the plane and we got a little antsy and started playing music (and of course – headbanging). We were told multiple times to turn the music off. Being as persistent as we were… We continued playing the music and headbanging. The group then started chanting loudly; “Secret Set! Secret Set! SECRET SET!” As Ganja White Night turned and smiled at all of us. Finally, one of the flight attendants got on the intercom and told us to rage out for 30 seconds. This is what happened.”


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