Giraffage advocates female empowerment in ‘Green Tea’ ft Angelica BassGreen Tea

Giraffage advocates female empowerment in ‘Green Tea’ ft Angelica Bass

Charlie Yin, better known as Giraffage, has released his newest song “Green Tea,” featuring Body Language’s Angelica Bass. The dreamy track precedes Yin’s full-length studio album Too Real, set for release Friday, Oct. 20, via Counter Records, as well as his nationwide tour beginning Oct. 25. According to Yin, the song has an important message.

“The lyrics are about female empowerment, which I feel is a more important sentiment than ever at this point in time.”

Yin’s “candy-colored” production style has been the focal point of much debate among listeners seeking to categorize it as everything from chillwave to dream-pop to “post” everything. Yin himself has said he struggles to provide a definitive label for his unorthodox sound. His new track is sure to further this discussion, as it opens with a quirky quack-sounding synth against otherwise smooth, R&B-reminiscent production and Bass’s sensual vocals.

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