Giraffage releases debut LP ‘Too Real’Giraffage TooReal

Giraffage releases debut LP ‘Too Real’

Ever since his arrival on the scene, San Francisco-based producer Giraffage has shown an intriguing ability to meld numerous influences into one new, cohesive sound. No where is this more evident than on his debut LP, Too Real.

Coming in at an even ten tracks, Giraffage’s album is euphoric blend of R&B, synth-pop, and a neon aesthetic. Perhaps most intriguing is the producer’s ability to not hide his influences but to truly morph and warp them into something completely new and entirely his own. Recorded entirely in his bedroom, Too Real is the mark of a producer truly beginning to hit his stride and portends even more good things to come

What’s more, Giraffage took to Facebook Live for an album release stream — complete with with a plethora of adorable puppies.

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