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Jaykode – Wasted ft Marco Foster (Takka Remix)


JayKode’s confessional Marco Foster feature, “Wasted,” has received the Takka treatment.

Taking on the JayKode production as the next track subject to the Takka golden touch, the California-based artist transforms “Wasted” into a reflective remix that tempers the rhythmic patterns dominant in the original version. Slowing the single’s pace, Takka’s alterations are metamorphic, rendering the re-imagination a comparatively laid-back track in exuded tone. Takka notably substitutes the thunderous build at the original’s onset for favor of a more minimalistic piano melody audible in the remix’s verses and outro. Takka, however, does not completely depart from the original’s signature percussive elements, using drums at the song’s drop to accelerate the remix. The crown jewel of additions and the foundation for the remix’s tonal shift materializes in the remix’s incorporation of a transfixing flute thread in the track’s drop.

A reinvention of JayKode’s raw original, Takka’s take on “Wasted” boasts a vibe sure to hook any listener.


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