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Lipless – Lips

Lipless has produced an electrifying single titled, “Lips.” The deep house original features moving, airy vocals contrasted by rich, weighty undertones and energetic beats. LA-based producer Lipless was just nominated for a Grammy this year for his collaborative remix with Kaskade for Ry X‘s “Only.”

“‘Lips’ actually happened in an experimental almost accidental way. I had always wanted to use my vocals but never gave myself the confidence to sit down and write and record something. But I finally gave it a good go and wrote the hook for ‘Lips’ in about 15 minutes. I then recorded myself singing. I wouldn’t consider myself a great singer, but I think that I am a good enough engineer to make myself sound decent enough to put on a club record.”


Lipless is known for his distinct style which infuses deep house vibes with iconic commercial pop elements such as vibrant vocals and uplifting melodies. With his latest, “Lips,” Lipless cultivates a rich, colorful production that will have listeners captivated after first play.

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