Luca Lush puts energy-packed spin on Zayn & Sia’s ‘Dusk Till Dawn’Huge Avatar

Luca Lush puts energy-packed spin on Zayn & Sia’s ‘Dusk Till Dawn’

Having recently celebrated his 25th birthday and feeling like his “journey’s only just starting,” Luca Lush continues to be a huge force in 2017, releasing a remix of Zayn and Sia‘s “Dusk Till Dawn.” Having recently put out a fiery lift of Avicii‘s classic hit “Levels,” which has seen more than 150,000 plays on SoundCloud and received support from power players like The Chainsmokers on their weekly radio show, Nice Hairthe LA-based DJ/producer has risen above the “artists-to-watch” tier in the past few months.

The track was one of the biggest mainstream hits of September, and Luca Lush adds his own flair with a rhythmic electronic drum beat and deep synths on the bass line while maintaining the original dreamy vocals and harmonies by the former One Direction star and Sia, arguably one of the hottest female vocalists right now. He is able to keep the emotion and bold vibes of the original on the verses, building up into a polyrhythm drop, alternating between explosive synths and pitched vocals.

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