Neon Tiger releases retro-leaning ‘First Sight’Neon Tiger Artwork 3k First Sight 01

Neon Tiger releases retro-leaning ‘First Sight’

Brooke Forman’s flowing vocals complement the retro electronic chords and heightened synths in Neon Tiger‘s latest release “First Sight,” the Aussie producer’s take on Kylie Minogue‘s hit “Love at First Sight.” Neon Tiger is Australian DJ and producer Maarcos‘ moniker for a new indie-electronic hybrid project where he infuses sounds and synths of past era and gives them a modern electronic feel. “First Sight” was originally meant to be featured within Neon Tiger’s recent album release Paperback Sunset, however the producer explained that due to sampling and copyright holdups, the track was not cleared on time to be included.

“First Sight” was very much a track that was meant to be a part of my album “Paperback Sunset” that I released last month.  I loved the original Kylie Minogue song “Love at First Sight” that came out over 10 years ago.  She’s an Australian legend, which obviously means a lot to me as a fellow Aussie.  I was just fiddling around with re-working it one day during the album creative phase, just for fun.  I try not to sample too often, but this was just too good.  This new version has a modern touch with a bit of 80s arcade feel to it, which is kind of cool.  You can listen at home quite comfortably or hear it out at a club or festival and it works.
Unfortunately, these kinds of things take ages to clear, even with the talented Brooke Forman singing on it instead of me sampling directly.  We missed the cutoff for Paperback Sunset but Kylie, her team and fellow writers were kind enough to get it done, and in the end it’s out now as a single not long after.
While it didn’t quite make the album cutoff, the single speaks for itself with its retro vibe and enthralling vocals.

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