Nick Murphy debuts driving new track ‘Medication’Chet

Nick Murphy debuts driving new track ‘Medication’

Last month, Nick Murphy emerged from sonic seclusion, as the artist — formerly known as Chet Faker — shared a captivating a capella version of “I’m Ready,” off the Missing Link EP, release in May 2017. 

Now, Murphy’s followed up with a compelling, experimental track titled “Medication.”

“I keep seeing this extreme flawed logic backed by nothing but ego-fueled confidence,” Murphy recently told Noisey of the track. “I wanted to see what it was like to write a song from that side of the fence.”

Missing Link largely served as Murphy’s goodbye to the sonic box of Chet Faker. In turn, he collaborated with artists like Kaytranada and brought a more post-rock-influenced sound into his tunes. “Medication” is the most experimental track from the artist to date and yet, it soars in its smooth vocals employments, much like his earlier tunes. 

Murphy’s recently shared he’s been working with Dave Harrington — of Darkside fame — on his first full-length album under his own name.

“I’ve been working in studios, which is new for me; I’ve always worked from home. I’ve been working on [my new album] with Dave Harrington [of Darkside] and engineer Phil Weinberg. Working with other people is really different; it’s really challenging in a lot of ways. I’ve always just had an intuition in my head and just done it. But all of a sudden, there’s people in the room and they’re like, ‘What do you want?’ And I have to articulate what I want, which I found really hard to begin with. I even switched software out: I’ve been on Ableton, but I switched over to Pro Tools. There’s actually some really different approaches going on; I’m hoping that makes the music better.”

For now, the album and its further details remain unknown.

Via: Noisey

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