Police issue warning concerning pink ‘Rolls Royce’ ecstasy tabletsScreen Shot 2017 10 31 At 11.57.49 AM

Police issue warning concerning pink ‘Rolls Royce’ ecstasy tablets

Ecstasy users will want to hit the brakes in North Wales, as regional police issue a statement warning of the danger of pink pills stamped with the Rolls Royce logo. The circulating tablets have already resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy on October 29. The victim reportedly took one of the stamped pills at a Halloween party in Gwytherin, Conwy, North Wales, later passing away at the Glan Clwyd Hospital. While officials are currently working with the boy’s family to discover the pills’ origin, the investigation remains at an early stage.

The Rolls Royce ecstasy tablets can be distinguished by a ‘200mg’ inscription on their rear side.


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