Premiere: Monkey Safari – Boulogne BillancourtMonkey Safari Odyssey Cover

Premiere: Monkey Safari – Boulogne Billancourt

Monkey Safari have endured quite a journey in fashioning their latest album Odyssey, which is set to release on their Hommage imprint on October 27. What began as a “listening album” project soon evolved into a project aimed at dance floors, where their hearts and minds truly lie. The result — an eleven-piece compilation of pieces that convey their personalities in sonic form while enrapturing listeners with driving, hypnotic elements.

“Boulogne Billancourt,” the LP’s third piece, embodies Odyssey’s ideology in its purest form. Its duration is quite long — around 11 minutes, to be exact — but seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. Within, the mind is swept off to an introspective place by way of subtle percussion and long, drawn out melodic progressions. String accents add a poignant edge to “Boulogne Billancourt,” while hints of acid synthesizers hum along its entirety and help to conjure images of a dreary, industrial city while listening.

The past several years have been monumental for the brotherly duo, who’ve fully embraced their proclivity for all things melodic and progressive. Their complex and deeply intelligent music has rocked crowds across genres, leading to their recruitment to release on labels like Bedrock, Solar Distance, and more.


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