Premiere: Riva Starr pres. Hyperloop – Fallen AngelRiva Starr Hyperloop Falling Angel

Premiere: Riva Starr pres. Hyperloop – Fallen Angel

Italian-born, UK-residing wunderkind, Riva Starr, has been one of house music’s most influential acts with his gritty yet infectious brand of house. Having been a longstanding figure in the house world plus having his own label Snatch! Recordings, its not unusual that Starr’s next move was another pivot in his escapades with a new side project called Hyperloop. The project will be leaning more in the techno world, and Riva Starr kicks off the project with its debut original “Fallen Angel.”

Additionally, “Fallen Angel” is the 100th release on Adam Beyer’s label, Truesoul. Crafted around a crisp and steady drum rack, Riva Starr shows off his prowess at constructing uplifting, euphoric synth arrangement that is comforting yet still maintains a sustainable energy throughout. Overall, this marks an important milestone in the Italian producers impressive career.

You can pre-order Riva Starr pres. Hyperloop’s EP, In The Loophere.

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