Robin Schulz releases vividly-diverse 3rd album, ‘Uncovered’Unnamed 2

Robin Schulz releases vividly-diverse 3rd album, ‘Uncovered’

German producer Robin Schulz is no stranger to the spotlight and continues to thrive by offering some of the best known melodic house music to date. His third official album, Uncovered, represents his extraordinary ability to create emotionally-infused music across all genre lines. The album, released via Atlantic Records, boasts a total of 18-original tracks, ranging from soft symphonic pieces to energetically-charged anthems featuring some of the best names in the business.

Robin Schulz releases vividly-diverse 3rd album, ‘Uncovered’Unnamed 1

Some of the most notable tracks include the ever-popular single “OK” with British songwriter James Blunt, which has already accumulated over 230 million streams on Spotify and comfortably secured its spot on the top of the Billboard charts. Its catchy, striking vocals blend beautifully with classical piano sounds that create an emotionally-charged ballad. Another memorable highlight of the album, “Shed A Light”, brings forth an uplifting combination of energetic-pop and house sounds – accompanied by lyrics from Cheat Codes and beats from David Guetta.

“Opus” opens Uncovered on a distinctive note, utilizing Hans Zimmer-esque tones with strong-cinematic themes that catalyze an emotive response before transitioning nicely into a lighter, harmonious “Unforgettable.” “Fools,” a collaboration with Aalias and IRO, presents itself as the LP’s ultimate feel-good piece, showcasing more of Robin Schulz’ typical melodic sound.

With the wide variety of sounds and rhythms encompassed within Uncovered, there’s no denying that Robin Schulz will sustain his title as one of the most celebrated, multi-genre leaders within the music community.



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Full Tracklist:
1. ‘Intro’ – Robin Schulz
2. ‘Unforgettable’ – Robin Schulz & Marc Scibilia
3. ‘Shed A Light’ – Robin Schulz & David Guetta & Cheat Codes
4. ‘Oh Child’ – Robin Schulz
5. ‘Fools’ – Robin Schulz & Aalias (Ft. IRO)
6. ‘Like You Mean It’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Rhys)
7. ‘OK’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. James Blunt)
8. ‘Naked’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Sam Martin)
9. ‘Above The Clouds’ – Robin Schulz
10. ‘Higher Ground’ – Robin Schulz
11. ‘Love Me A Little’ – Robin Schulz
12. ‘Tonight And Every Night’ – Robin Schulz
13. ‘More Than A Friend’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Nico Santos)
14. ‘I Believe I’m Fine’ – Robin Schulz & HUGEL
15. ‘Ha Leh Lou Ya’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Christy McDonald)
16. ‘Sounds Easy’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Ruxley)
17. ‘Un Sueno’ – Robin Schulz
18. ‘Outro’ – Robin Schulz

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