Rusko officially cancer free after battling lymphoma [WATCH]Rusko

Rusko officially cancer free after battling lymphoma [WATCH]

When Rusko announced in May that he’d been diagnosed with gastric lymphoma, the English dubstep producer canceled his aggressive summer 2017 touring schedule to focus on treatment. While the artist told fans that the cancer was contained to his stomach, as it turns out, things were a little more serious than he originally knew.

“After I had a biopsy in my neck…it turned out that the lymphoma was everywhere. It was in my blood, it was in my bone marrow, it was in every organ in my body,” explained Rusko.

In a stroke of wonderful news, Rusko has now revealed during a brief live chat with YourEDM that, after several rounds of chemotherapy, he is officially cancer free! The artist goes into further detail (in the above video) about his battle with cancer and the professional sacrifices he had to make to refocus on his health.

“For months leading up to that [cancer diagnosis], I had been sick, I had been vomiting a lot at night, and having really bad back pains, and chest pains and stuff, which turns out, it was tumors. There was actually tumors inside my body that was pressing on my spine…and my rib cage.”

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