Slander & Kayzo drop surprising first track off of their forthcoming EPKayzo Slander

Slander & Kayzo drop surprising first track off of their forthcoming EP

Slander and Kayzo recently announced they would be releasing a full EP in collaboration with one another on Monstercat, stirring anxious excitement from fans of both parties. Now, thanks to the first track of the EP having just been unveiled, those waiting for the full body of work to release will have a better idea of what to expect. Titled “Without You,” the record is surprising to say the least.

Slander and Kayzo, independently of one another, are known for their heavy drops and trap style. “Without You” is quite different from the sound and style bass heads have come to expect from the producers, and the sound one might expect with the announcement of their collaboration as a whole.

“Without You” revolves around Dylan Matthew’s vocals, and the entrance is downtempo guitar chords that put the listener at ease. They then ensure that their piece is made radio-friendly with drop that is synth-based and pop-y to its core. While Slander has introduced a few tracks that verge on pop as of late to his repertoire, this is not a sound heard from Kayzo yet.

Although trap fans may not be thrilled about the direction that this first track off of the EP went, Kayzo and Slander’s collaboration will almost certainly yield some great trap music to come.

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