South Carolina music festival, The Gathering, results in an epic fail

South Carolina music festival, The Gathering, results in an epic fail

This April, Fyre Festival founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule found themselves in the midst of a heavily-publicized damage control campaign for their Bahamian blunder and faced a 100 million dollar lawsuit for fraud. Many would think that such an epic fail of a festival wouldn’t happen again because of the repercussions Fyre faced. Instead of using Fyre as an example of what NOT to do, a company called EDM UNITED EVENTS held an event in Charleston, South Carolina that turned out to be a complete joke.

First brought to DA‘s attention from the Facebook page EDM Confessions, behold the The Gathering’s glorious stage design:

Edm Confessions Gathering Fest

Note that ATLiens responded to the post; upon further digging, the festival’s lineup was discovered with the group featured prominently — marking this farce as actually, officially real.

Gatherings 1

Beyond ATLiens, attendees paid more than $130 for a ticket and were promised four stages and a lineup featuring Leah Culver, and several others. However, when they arrived, the scene looked like a small house party put together by drunk frat bros. These “stages” were made of ply-wood and the “speakers” were the type someone could probably find at Best Buy…maybe worse. This embarrassment happened after alleged festival founder, Andrew Murdock, failed to produce the event as advertised. Attendees took to Facebook to report the damage.

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