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Spotify launches emerging artist-oriented RISE program

Spotify has officially launched its new RISE program. 

Created in an effort to “identify and break the next wave of music superstars,” the streaming giant’s latest initiative — launched on October 20 in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. — plans to highlight four select artists every few months with a mixed-media playlist.

Essentially, Spotify will leverage its platform and reach — its current 140 million listeners — in an effort to market new talent they believe should be heard. This will include not only promoting the artists on the platform directly, but including the artists in editorially-programmed playlists, as well as through its out-of-home advertising, TV ads, and digital and social promotions.

RISE debuts with four artists spanning an array of genres: including pop artist Kim Petras, Lauv, country singer Russell Dickerson, and hip-hop artist Trippie Redd. RISE will also curate original video and audio content that will tell the story of 16 artist’s rise to fame each year through “one-of-a-kind experiential events.”

Original audio and video content have yet to really take off on Spotify, despite its various attempts to create specials, series, and podcasts. RISE is the company’s revamped attempt to re-focus on their original content while simultaneously promoting rising acts.

In addition, Spotify has made it clear the service is not going to own the copyrights associated with the artists’ works, nor will it take a cut of RISE artists’ touring and merchandise.

The debut of RISE follows in the footsteps of other artist-focused initiatives from the company as of late, as earlier this month, Spotify launched a mobile app for its artists that delivers real-time streaming data on their new releases, analytics and details about their audience’s demographics, and an artist dashboard.

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