Stream Hotel Garuda’s 4-track ‘Til It Burns Out’ remix EPHotel Garuda

Stream Hotel Garuda’s 4-track ‘Til It Burns Out’ remix EP

Hotel Garuda have quickly gained the momentum within the “commercial underground” for their pop-sensible song structure and indie dance appeal.

On June 9, the duo consisting of Manila Killa and Candle Weather released their acclaimed original track, “Til it Burns Out,” featuring the harmonic vocals of Violet Skies. The emotional ballad quickly joined the ranks of future bass hits already inside their musical vault, which include their remixes of Lorde‘s  “Green Light” and Kiiara‘s “Feels,” as well as their debut single, “Smoke Signals.”

It was only a matter of time before the two launched a remix EP to their club-hopping fan base. On Oct. 4, Hotel Garuda did just that with the release of a carefree, yet carefully executed, project spanning four tracks in length. Taken in its entirety, the Til It Burns Out EP is a collection of remixes with cross-genre appeal from producers that fit naturally into Hotel Garuda’s sonic wheelhouse — with Dugong Jr‘s dreamy bass house rework of the track, to a commanding piano-centric rendition from QUIX, to HMU’s energetic take on the original.

Interestingly, the lead track on the EP is so much a remix as it is a beautiful acoustic version of “Til It Burns Out,” which seeks to — and ever so successfully — spotlight the song’s original vocals. As a standout track of the EP, the song makes a statement to dance music community that Violet Skies is the vocalist to work with.

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