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Study: Young people vastly prefer going to concerts, listening to music alone

Having a “rave bae” seems to have fallen out of favor with music fans, according to a new report from DICE which determined that the majority of music lovers prefer to attend shows and listen to their tunes alone.

The study centered on listeners from ages 18-24, and found that 65% of those surveyed already attend music events by themselves and had even recently gone to a concert sans company. A whopping 98% of the 500 studied said that they would do it again, while another 84% of the group, a staggering majority, concluded that music actually sounded better when listened to alone.

Reasons given by the participants for their tendency to venture to shows alone varied; While 37% noted that differences in music taste were partly responsible for their solo status at music events, others highlighted spontaneity as the culprit for their solitude with those respondents often choosing to attend concerts spontaneously. Only 19% stated that going alone increased their chances of meeting more people while 38% of respondents underscored a lack of time, conveying that their friends simply didn’t have room in their schedules for shows.

Anyone that has brought a friend to a live music event has likely disagreed over which set to catch next, and predictably, one’s preference as to crowd location: deep in the center of the action, or lingering at the outskirts, rendering DICE’s findings hardly surprising.


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