Sunday Morning Medicine: unwind with the smoothest tunes in the galaxySMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine: unwind with the smoothest tunes in the galaxy

Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

Fresh off the release of his first album in four years, Shigeto occupies the top spot of this week’s Sunday Morning Medicine.  The New Monday‘s opening track, “Detroit Part II,” gets the nod for its atmospheric blend of classic house structure with jazz flourishes.

The Detroit-based producer creates an intriguingly smooth track with saxophone, mellow chords, and heady doses of percussion—nods to Shigeto’s origins as a drummer—for a production that is simultaneously representative of Motown’s musical past and present.

Though primarily known for his warped takes of crushing bass, Mr. Carmack is a producer of considerable range. No where is this more visible than on his ever-shifting track “Crash (Charms).”

A bending lead glides over a foundation of rounded off synth patches and percussion that manages to be active without ramping up the energy too high. Carmack’s production exudes an effervescence that never strays into the glaringly obvious, instead opting for a subtle vibe that flows lithely.

No collection of songs that aims for relaxation and recovery could possibly be complete without an inclusion from Instupendo. The ideal entry to the young producer’s catalog, “Light Lock” begins slowly with a combination of hazy chords and meandering melodic lines. As a result, it doesn’t take long for the track’s easygoing vibe to gently hypnotize the listener into contentment.

Replays are likely and are well warranted. Instupendo is a producer of subtleties that are often missed on the first run through and his work rewards listeners who end up returning to his productions again and again

Rounding out this edition of SMM is Quickly Quickly’s lethargic “Trilogy.” True to its name, the track features three distinct sections that gradually build to a satisfying, invigorating conclusion.

At the outset, the producer leans towards a smirking, rolling RnBass effect. Undulating synths unfurl under percussive melodies before a piano interlude builds to an awakening concoction of buzzing leads and punchier drums. Thoroughly revived, “Trilogy” progresses towards a mellow finish — with a satisfied listener following intently.

Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.

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