Take a closer look at ADE’s vibrant collection of eventsAde

Take a closer look at ADE’s vibrant collection of events

Held October 18–22, Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the industry’s most celebrated conferences. Thousands of artists come together to share innovative new projects and ideas. In 2016, more than 2,200 artists and 550 speakers attended the five day event, and as many as 7,000 professional delegates from all over the world visited ADE to network within the industry.

This year, four standout events are taking place in Amsterdam where guests can further explore the unique forum ADE has to offer.

1. Morocco Focus

Morocco Focus gives attendees a closer look at Morocco’s vibrant electronic music scene. The 2017 panel program is coming together with the North African country under the spotlight in this year’s ADE Global View. Morocco currently hosts 15 festivals each year that are almost exclusively dedicated to electronic music. The beautiful country has a healthy club scene with venues specializing in house, hip hop, and techno — predominant, thriving genres in the region.

2. ADE Soundlab

ADE Sound Lab is back for three days at the 2017 ADE Festival Hangout, located at De Brakke Grond. The Sound Lab program is one of the most influential and consistently exciting parts of ADE, with demos, workshops, masterclasses, presentations of new and conceptual instruments, audio-visual experiences, modular synth setups and live performances. There will be interviews highlighting the experiences of artists, DVS1, Gary Numan, Surgeon & Lady Starlight, Tiga & Soulwax and many more.

3. ADE Green

In order to combat climate change, it is essential to collectively work together for a more sustainable future. A major issue for a platform such as ADE Green, given that it is supported by a broad range of players in the festival and music industry with shared beliefs that go far beyond the perimeters of their festival enclosures is sustainability. ADE Green partnered with Absolut and co-developed the initiative through program partners with the City of Amsterdam. The music community, with its genuine global reach, is able to promote its collective imagination and passion like few other industries. It produces role models, dreams, and questions, which can then pave the way to a better future for everyone. ADE Green focuses on reaching out to the decision makers in the music and festival industry to ignite, inspire, and strengthen sustainability, innovation, and social change.

4. ADE Tech

ADE Tech will be featuring some of the most important emerging technologies and showcasing some of the brightest minds working in the technical side of the industry. Some of the topics discussed include the wider possibilities of the integration of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality within the music and entertainment industries. While such technologies are currently still in their infancy, the possibilities are limitless and are likely to become seamlessly integrated into what we experience as consumers of entertainment within the next few years.

More information can be found here.

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