Three men charged for coordinating an illegal rave causing ~$35,000 in damageScreen Shot 2017 10 23 At 9.46.46 PM

Three men charged for coordinating an illegal rave causing ~$35,000 in damage

Three men have been charged for orchestrating an illegal rave at an industrial warehouse in Kent, UK that led to approximately £30,000 (~$35,000 USD) worth of damage. Up to 500 people are reported to have attended the unauthorized event, hosted on August 6.

Upon arriving at the scene of the rave, officials arrested 12 people on charges of drug possession, criminal damage, and theft. Authorities have noted that while unlicensed events of these kind do not frequently occur in Kent, they tend to draw large crowds when they are initiated, often attracting hordes of people to industrial units in particular.

“Many who travel into the area, do so from outside the county by using trains,” Superintendent Amanda Tillotson remarked, “These gatherings can cause a number of issues, including damage to property, noise to local residents and antisocial behavior. The nature of the venues can also pose real safety issues for those attending.” Kent Police noted its ability to send attendees of the August 6 party home by 7 AM, the slight delay in doing so the product of no overnight trains out of Kent.

The unlicensed August event notably took place without the consent of the owner of the brand new warehouse unit, and has since led the three organizers of the event to be brought up on charges of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. The men are expected to appear before Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on November 17.

H/T: Mixmag | Source: Gravesend Reporter

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