Walker & Royce’s dulcet debut album ‘Self Help’ has arrivedw

Walker & Royce’s dulcet debut album ‘Self Help’ has arrived

Walker & Royce have been swiftly rising in the tech house reigns for some time and now, the Brooklyn-based duo has finally released their debut album Self Help on Dirtybird Records.

It’s a pivotal moment for the duo, comprised of Samuel Walker and Gavin Royce, as Self Help is six years in the making. But it’s also a collection of tunes the two thought may never see the light of day. In an interview earlier this year with Dancing Astronaut, the two explained how important the concept of self-perseverance was in arriving at this moment.

“Really things have only taken a good turn in the past year or two. We’ve had some successes but nothing’s really caught on. During that whole time when we were ready to give up and throw in the towel before these opportunities started happening, I feel like it was especially important at that point that we believed in ourselves. We felt so isolated. There were people that liked what we did but it didn’t seem to be taking off,” said Walker.

Luckily, the duo persevered, and with the attention of the venerable Claude VonStroke, they now arrive at the release of Self Help — a juxtaposition of intergalactic-tinged, dance floor-primed tracks and introspective melodies for the at-home listener.

In its eleven tracks, the two exude a melodic testament to their boundary-pushing tendencies. As the record progresses, each tune develops on their established decorum — simultaneously wonky and enthralling in its funkily employed lyrics.

The LP’s closing track, “Need Ya,” serves as one of the most vivacious and pure dance numbers from the crew yet, likely signifying that Self Help is not the last we’ll hear from the producers this year.

“Our goal was to have people that aren’t just dance music fans listen to this album. Dirtybird has such a huge fanbase and they’re so amazing, but we wanted to push them a little bit to listen to some different music and we also wanted to bring people in who didn’t necessarily listen to Dirtybird music in to listen to ours,” Royce told DA of the record.





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