Watch The Knocks make a ‘Knock-Tail’ as Supply NY debuts the first episode of its new content series, BuzzinScreen Shot 2017 10 30 At 9.40.46 AM

Watch The Knocks make a ‘Knock-Tail’ as Supply NY debuts the first episode of its new content series, Buzzin


Posters thickly plastered on New York City surfaces are rarely the visual centerpieces of its metropolitan landscape — nor do they elicit the attention of the throngs of passersby in pursuit of their respective destinations. However, in 2013, a visionary walking though Chinatown on his way to the Tribeca Grand took notice. Griffin Camper’s gaze drifted to a sign denoting the existence of a supply shop one day while walking past Canal Street. Not long thereafter, he’d stroll into Tribeca Grand’s lobby to utter a brand-shaping suggestion to the business partners that awaited his arrival: “Let’s call ourselves Supply.”

Their then in-nominate initiative centered around Camper and his colleague Andrew Smith’s propensity to host an event together. The concept was initially conceived over rounds of beer, as the partners contemplated the best ways in which to approach the event industry. Supply materialized as a natural route, given Camper’s understanding of event orchestration and access to talent, and Smith’s connections to New York venues and broad social network. Once officially christened with a name, their ideas gained an identity that would later bespeak industry presence as growth soon became unprecedented.

Last, and what would prove to be a crucial element, would be the innovation of the event’s promotional material. A friend of Smith’s, Jordan Lister, was known in certain circles for both his creative and music experience — a reputation that led Supply to tap Lister to brand their inaugural event. Years later, Lister would join the team as it full-time Creative Director to help build out its content and digital strategy side. Supply has grown from a concept forged among friends to an award-winning culture agency that radiates its own distinct vibe.

“I think from the beginning it’s always been about bringing our community together in fun and interesting ways. The best thing for us is that we’ve worked in this industry for four to five years now, so we’ve really started to build that community, and not just in the people that come to the parties or the individuals that consume content, but the artists, venue owners, and industry professionals as well. Having performed globally now, we have a lot of friends and partners that we can call on.”

Much remains in store for Supply as the brand expands its reach through its event series and content strategy, boasting Sony Music, DJ Mag, and Tesla as a sampling of its considerable list of partners. One such example of this new expansion is Buzzin — a new content series on the forefront of the company’s innovation and core development.

Buzzin centers around providing a personal snapshot of artists’ lives while on the road, choosing a different act to feature each month. “I think the big piece here is thinking about the ingredients of a musician’s life, and then incorporating that with the on the road element,” Smith says of the content series.

The first installment of Buzzin features The Knocks, the feature somewhat of a nod to Supply’s history — the founders have known The Knocks for four-years now, with James Patterson (“JPatt”) of the electronic duo having played Supply’s introductory party on June 6.

Buzzin observes The Knocks as they craft their signature go to drink while on the road, “The Knocktail,” the drink’s inspiration being as Smith puts it “If you just got done with a gig and you have access to nothing but a 7-Eleven, what would you make?”

The content of Buzzin, however, will not be limited to artists’ favorite on the road concoctions. “It doesn’t have to be alcohol,” the founders note of Buzzin’s material. “It could be food, it could be a hardware product, it’s the ingredients of the artists’ lives that make them perform better or simply enjoy themselves after a long-day.” Supply emphasizes that the personal element of the series as a whole is derived not solely from the featured item’s centrality to the artists’ daily life, but from the artists’ ability to spotlight an element of their own choice. “I think the big thing here is it’s [Buzzin] led by the artist, and not informed by any brand or partner,” Smith states.

Those interested in learning more about Supply and the culture agency’s new content series may visit Supply’s website here.


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