Watch Stranger Things composers create sci-fi soundscapes at the Moog factory

Anticipation for the beloved, nostalgia-ridden sci-fi hit Stranger Things has undoubtedly been at an all-time high this past month and, with the release of the second season, finally crested.

Between the deliverance of synth-led S U R V I V E’s dark soundtrack for the Netflix original and the desire to escape to much simpler, ostensibly blissful times, Stranger Things‘ ethos leaves very small wonder as to why fans could hardly wait for its sequel. For some, the show and its cast of characters — Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will and more — seemed like they may never return.

But in the spirit of the show’s release, S U R V I V E members and score composers for the hit show Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein visited the Moog Factory to create a sonic sea of Stranger Things-aligned sci-fi soundscapes. Somehow, in the seemingly never-ending abyss of cables, the two echo the sounds of the show in an effortless fashion.

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