Whethan releases short but sweet track ‘Na Boca do Sol’Whethan 8943

Whethan releases short but sweet track ‘Na Boca do Sol’

Whethan is a young producer that keeps gaining ground in the industry with each of his authentic and unique releases. His latest “Na Boca do Sol” may be less than a minute long, yet it still impresses and leaves one wanting more.

“Na Boca do Sol” was a jazz song originally released in the 70’s by Arthur Verocai, and Whethan’s modern rendition preserves the sultry vocals from the original while adding his own funky flair with groovy synths. The young producer proves that it is possible to tell a story and leave an impact on someone in just 52 seconds. The track is also a glimpse into the young producer’s world and serves as a record of experimentation in real time.

If sexy, soulful, and thought provoking tracks are of interest, then Whethan’s latest is sure to impress.

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