Will Smith goes EDM with release of ‘Get Lit’Will Smith Dj Jazzy Jeff Get Lit

Will Smith goes EDM with release of ‘Get Lit’

Earlier this year, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff announced they would be making a rare appearance to perform at Blackpool’s Livewire Festival. At the August festival, the duo tried their hand at EDM with the premiere of a track called “Get Lit.”

“Get Lit,” produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, shows the iconic duo trying to push their way into one of the world’s fastest-rising music cultures. With a party vibe about “getting lit” and a pounding big room house beat, the track is reminiscent of festivals five years ago. Smith dons an accent for the verses in an attempt to give the song a foreign vibe, but switches back to his recognizable rap voice for the chorus.

In the hours since its release, the track has been met with overall criticism, with descriptions varying from “atrocious” to “a nightmare” to a “mid-life crisis.” While 49-year-old Smith and 52-year-old DJ Jazzy Jeff are legendary in the music world, their efforts to connect with the EDM audience miss the mark with “Get Lit.”

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