10 Black Friday steals for the budget raverDreamstate Jake West

10 Black Friday steals for the budget raver


10 Black Friday steals for the budget raver

2017 seems to have flown by in an instant. The holidays are officially underway, and festive vibes are unavoidable as the year comes to a close. Just in time for Black Friday, we here at Dancing Astronaut thought it appropriate to compile a little list of key items offered at enticing prices.

Deals across the dance music spectrum are covered — from festival gear, to hardware.

Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer

Moog is a favorite among those with a penchant for fusing a more live touch into their production. The prolific brand’s synthesizers are known for their quality and endurance, earning them respect from artists across genre lines. Its Minitaur represents a more affordable version of their more hardcore gear, and a great introductory tool into the synth world. Luckily, Sweetwater has Moog fans covered this year, with $100 savings on the Minitaur.

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Ableton Live 9 Suite

Ableton is considered a world-class production software brand — its products are ubiquitous on the market today. However, quality comes at a price. The time is now to invest, with the Live 9 Suite being sold at a 20% discount with crediting options plus a free upgrade to Suite 10 when it comes out here.




JBL LSR305 is ideal for those just getting into production. For their price, these studio monitors offer a flat response and a decent range. While they already come at a budget-friendly price of $129 each, they’ve been brought down to $99 each for this Black Friday deal.




Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Black Friday is offering plenty of strong deals for the average music consumer as well. This sleek Marshall bluetooth speaker is being offered at a 50% through Amazon. Use it for a small soirée, or take it out to the beach or other travel destinations.

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Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Headphone deals are always something to look forward to in the holiday season. Those looking to upgrade their listening experience can find reductions on top brands. These Sennheiser HD280PROs have underwent a price drop to $80 for the season; a discount, indeed.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra Earbuds

Bose is also offering up their wares at a significant discount. For the earbud wearers, their SoundTrue line is being offered at a $50 discount. This pair of earbuds is durable and balanced, providing an immersive auditory treat.

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Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs


There comes a time in every veteran raver’s life where they simply cannot take the quality of the music with foam ear protection any longer. That’s where high-fidelity ear plugs come in; a step up, these offer a far broader range of sound and work to only cancel out the most dangerous noises while keeping the good sounds in. Invest in a pair of Eargasms for $30 in preparation for the New Year.

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Rave Clothing - iHeart Raves

Popular rave clothing brand iHeart Raves is slashing prices across their inventory in honor of Black Friday. For the creatively-inclined who enjoy expressing themselves in wild outfits, their website holds a treasure trove of gear for women and men.



CamelBak 2017 HydroBak Hydration Pack

Hydration is essential at any music event, whether hot or cold. This is where a nicely-priced Camelbak can come in handy. The brand prides itself on its well-made backpacks and water pouches, becoming a sought-after item for festivals and hikes alike. Currently, Amazon has a variety on sale with discounts exceeding 20%, like this brand new 2017 model.

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Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 3 Person Tent

Finally, this Black Friday list would not be complete without a tent. Given the rise of camping festivals, a solid tent that will last through a good deal of festivals for years on end is certainly a good investment. This deluxe 3-person tent is being discounted at 41%.

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