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Ableton to launch Live 10 in 2018

An updated version of Ableton‘s popular digital audio workstation (DAW), Ableton Live will launch in the first quarter of 2018.

Live 10 features a myriad of program enhancing updates, first expanding the sound library with the addition of four new packs of multi-samples synths, keys, and drums. A Curated Collections function will further arrange the included sounds and instruments by common sonic theme. Ableton has additionally improved the sound quality of its Core Library and its workflow, where its Push midi controller will enable a Live 10 user to perform in real time, while viewing note and device information on the device.

Ableton’s revamping of its DAW will allow for a wider range of mixing abilities — groups of tracks can be lodged within other groups, while EQ Eight offers extended low frequency slopes and split stereo panning. Live 10 also permits the Utility device to achieve a wider gain range, throwing a bass mono feature in the mix.

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Live 10 brings a new synth titled Wavetable in tow. Through Wavetable, Live 10 users are free to access a variety of waveforms derived from instruments, analogue filters, and complex modulation capabilities. Ableton has unveiled a series of new devices designed to augment the Live powered production experience, debuting Echo as an extention of Live’s delay effects, all-in-one drum processing via Drum Buss, and a new overdrive effect via Pedal.

Seeking to simplify the user experience, Ableton has addressed audio routing in the Live 10 update, allowing users to rename inputs and outputs to align with the names of their studio hardware. Live 10 purchasers will find the creative update user friendly on account of its negation of users’ needs to start from the beginning of a MIDI clip to hear it — a new feature called Capture will translate forms into MIDI without disrupting the fluidity of the performance.

From a technical standpoint, Live 10 proves to be a faster product on account of its use of less CPU, thanks to a Max For Live built in feature. Ableton Live is currently offering Live 9 purchasers 20% off the ninth edition of Ableton Live, promising these buyers free upgrades to Live 10 when the advanced DAW version releases.

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