Alice Glass states that former Crystal Castles manager was “very aware” of her alleged abuseScreen Shot 2017 10 31 At 11.02.22 PM

Alice Glass states that former Crystal Castles manager was “very aware” of her alleged abuse

“Crystal castles” have crumbled in the wake of the Alice Glass‘ allegations of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse against Crystal Castles co-founder, Ethan Kath. Published last week, Alice Glass’ recent statement cited the alleged abuse as the primary motivator in her decision to depart from the band in 2014.

As Glass’ post continues to circulate, Crystal Castles has witnessed the cancellation of its upcoming tour dates. Crystal Castles’ former manager, James Sandon, was quick to respond to Glass’ accusations against Kath, remarking that the nature of Kath and Glass’ relationship “was never fully clear” to him.

Glass took to Instagram to reply to Sandon’s comment, countering that Sandon was not only “very aware” of the relationship’s dynamic, but had additionally identified the relationship as “domestic abuse” in several emails, supposedly writing “I’ve had enough of this sh*t.”

Sharing receipts from a conversation dated five-years prior, Glass wrote “the abuse that I endured was not only physical and mental from Claudio [Kath], but also seen in the negligence of those who were firsthand witnesses and did not speak up. I encourage everyone out there to help anyone that they feel is in an abusive relationship. All it takes is one person.”

While Glass’ original Instagram post appears to have been removed, Glass additionally posted her response to Sandon on Twitter.

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