Birocratic – Kabuki InletSundae Sauuce Strawberry Drizzle

Birocratic – Kabuki Inlet

As anticipation for the release of Sundae Sauuce’s next compilation, Strawberry Drizzle, continues to grow, the group has unveiled the second track off said release, Birocratic‘s “Kabuki Inlet.” While not a vast departure from the producer’s oeuvre, “Kabuki Inlet” does represent a changeup in disposition.

The Brooklyn-based producer leans into more of a funk vibe than his previous chillhop releases, though this isn’t entirely new, as he has previously worked with the funky crew over at All Good Records. A shuffling, front-of-the-beat hi hat pattern drives the track forward — which noticeably relies less on samples than many of Birocratic’s tracks — while a grooving bassline, descending piano scales, and cleverly deployed horn samples fill out the rest of the production.

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