Destructo releases face melting ‘Bassface’ single and music videoDestructo

Destructo releases face melting ‘Bassface’ single and music video

Father of HARD FestHard Summer, and Holy Ship! and current president of LiveStyleGary Richards a.k.a. Destructo, has released his first single and music video entitled, “Bassface,” since the early-2017 release of his Renegade EP. The g-house guru’s latest EP is testimony to just how deep his ties in the industry run, featuring collaborations with some of the most star-studded names in rap and hip-hop: E-40, Ty Dolla $ign, Too $hort, and Pusha T.

Destructo has been entrancing dance floors long before DJs even had a face and a name in the music industry, let alone capacity for six figure paychecks. In the early 90’s, he orchestrated and DJ’ed massive warehouse raves in the LA underground scene, before eventually recording his own material.

“Bassface” is an instrumental blend of bass house and his characteristic g-house. With a sweeping, low-end bassline and dark, reverberating vocal sampling, it is safe to predict “Bassface’s” deliberate, ardent beat will be heard emanating from clandestine dance floors across the country.

The music video is equally as enticing, as the viewer gets to watch half Destructo’s face melt clean off his head due to bass overload.

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