Diplo graces L’Uomo Vogue with his good looksScreen Shot 2017 11 30 At 9.43.37 AM

Diplo graces L’Uomo Vogue with his good looks

Diplo has struck a pose.

The luminary has let his hair down for L’Uomo Vogue, a male focused offshoot of the American fashion & lifestyle magazine.

A cornerstone publication of men’s fashion and style, L’Uomo Vogue sees Diplo outfitted in the clean lines of Prada’s spring/summer 2018 line, compiling a gallery of seven photographs of Diplo modeling the collection.

Diplo graces L’Uomo Vogue with his good looksScreen Shot 2017 11 30 At 9.41.11 AM

The gallery is flanked by a brief interview with Diplo, written in the magazine’s domestic language of Italian. Diplo notes therein that he “[does] not cry for music” in response to the interviewer’s question concerning “the last time music made [him] cry,” but lauds Sam Smith‘s voice as a particularly “powerful” one before moving on to discuss outsiders in “the producers’ environment,” being called an “EDM DJ,” and the recent decline of American pop music.

“All pop stars are struggling to have some great hits,” Diplo muses. “Taylor Swift just had to surrender the first ranked position [to] Cardi B, a rapper, and then to Post Malone, another rapper who is now in second place. If five-years ago [you] said that would happen, I never would have believed you, you know?” Diplo attributes the shift in popular musical preference to kids “listening to what they want,” a reality that has dethroned the label as a commanding entity.

Diplo digresses from music to highlight the “many other things” that he eventually wants to do. “I can not imagine continuing to do it unless it is inspiring [work in music],” Diplo states, “…I can write or work at a pizzeria or do something else I’ve never done.”

The full interview can be read here.

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