Exclusive: Tiga – Woke (Patrick Topping Remix)Woke Patrick Topping Remi

Exclusive: Tiga – Woke (Patrick Topping Remix)

Patrick Topping can always be relied upon to get people grooving with his work. The British house maven found himself among those charted to remix Tiga‘s “Woke,” and his take is a fine addition to the selection. “Woke’s” vocals work well enmeshed into the jubilant tech house atmosphere Topping fostered for them. Finalizing the piece’s effectiveness for the dancefloor is the original’s hook, which is edited in a way that casts a tense, but addictive feeling over the re-work.

Tiga has quite the story behind “Woke,” according to his SoundCloud post. It was inspired by the Canadian pioneer feeling fed up with being enslaved with his phone and eventually “freeing” himself by throwing it into the ocean — a relatable urge, indeed.




Download “Woke” and its remixes here 


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