Exmag unleashes funk-infused ‘Part I’ EPA0763622875 10

Exmag unleashes funk-infused ‘Part I’ EP

Exmag brings the funk.

Not much is known about Exmag and their personnel’s musical history, nonetheless, their proclivity for funky, soulful, and meticulously-crafted electronic compositions is unmistakable. Formed by Brooklynites Eric Mendelson, Dave Carls, and Tyler Dondero, the group’s funk-infused melodies are rampant and irresistibly-danceable.

Indeed, Exmag’s return after two years exhibits their love of radiating funk and soul tenfold. For on their latest nine-track Part I EP, Exmag oozes their established groovy ethos, while upping their archetypal, genre-spanning sonic approach more than ever.

“A new season is upon us,” the group says of the new album. “The time has come to finally turn the page. After being displaced for years in the ancient mountains of Appalachia Exmag returns with reinforcements sharpened skills and lessons learned bringing songs of victory and mourning. Storms rage through the lands as tyrants cheat and destroy. Will a once great planet find peace in this time Will a new youth break their chains and rise as a cool breeze crests the mountain tops This is Part I. A new beginning. A fertile valley to defend and grow old in. As the world sifts out that which does not belong a placid force of extraordinary magnitude will build and evolve.”

Between the sultry rock guitar solos, soul-infused melodies, and downtempo electronic drops of Part I, Emxag enthralls its listeners. The records moves from slight hip sways to full-on body wavering all without compromising Exmag’s exuberant ethos. Not to mention, the newfound sonic spectrum is rather extensive. From tracks like “Not the Last Time” and “Going Down Slow,” it’s clear Part I encapsulates Exmag’s feel-good sound, all while building on the group’s expansive catalog, sure to be expanded on in the near future.

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