Four Tet answers questions about new album, ‘New Energy’FourTet WIDE

Four Tet answers questions about new album, ‘New Energy’

Four Tet‘s ninth studio album, New Energy, hit the airwaves at the end of September. In the month since then, the producer has taken to the internet to answer fan questions about the latest collection of music, revealing some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the LP.

In his Q&A with Twitter, the producer emphasized that he doesn’t have a favorite song out of the 14 tracks. “I’m proud of it as a whole… couldn’t pick one track,” he replied to a fan.

He also notes that while the album took about 10 months to put together, no particular track was more challenging to create than another. He started out with around 45 tracks and was able to narrow it down to the final 14.

The name New Energy, he reveals, came from his daughter, and she was also the inspiration behind the track “Daughter.”

Though one fan expressed interest in a full Four Tet live show with instruments, it doesn’t seem like that’s part of the producer’s vision for his music and performances.

Read the full Q&A here.

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